Sauna is a form of dry sauna, heat source is created from a dry temperature generator (no steam). Temperatures are brought into a room often made of wood, large and small depending on whether it is a private bathroom, for two people or a collective bathroom for many people. Sauna bath temperature is usually very high, ranging from 80-120 degrees Celsius, this temperature can be adjusted to suit people who are bathing.

Sauna must be equipped with full amenities such as temperature gauges placed inside the room, temperature alarm clock to outside the room for convenient monitoring. The lamp is bright enough, with a hot stone furnace and ice tray, normal water container, herbal medicine can add flavor …


Jacuzzi (also known as Jacuzzi, Jacuzzi, …) is a type of bath – a heated swimming pool, using hydrotherapy with a powerful water jet system aimed at providing a relaxing massage experience

When taking a dip in the Jacuzzi or pool, guests will enjoy a relaxing, comfortable feeling when hot water flows around the body. Thereby helping stimulate blood circulation, massage the skin in the most natural way – the skin after Jacuzzi bath also becomes smoother. Using Jacuzzi will help customers suffering from back pain, neck pain to relieve pain effectively, improve health better.

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